Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lyle's Popp'in out the Big 5-0!

In January Lyle turned the Big 5-0! We did our best to make it a smooth, and painless transition. We got up the saturday before (his b-day was on Tuesday the 5th) we all gathered in the kitchen. The children started giggling, because Dad had no idea that they weren’t going Skiing as planned...we told him we were going to celebrate his birthday today. We’d be celebrating the five decades of his life, highlighting one event from each. So, the first 0-10 years old; play Hot Wheels. He loved Hot Wheels as a child. Second decade 10-20 years old; Tennis and Baseball on the Wii. He loved tennis and softball as a youth. Third 20-30 years old; Dating/Grew a family. So, I took him on a date to a matinee. For us that is a rare treat. We only go to the movie once, maybe twice a year. We saw “Blind Side”. Really good, uplifting movie. Those are hard to find these days. Then, we came home to a delicious, formal dinner with the children. The table setting was beautiful. A winter theme. I found the idea on line. Then we played a game of his choice...”Life. ”
For the last decade, Five 40-50 years old; Church Service and associations. So on the following Friday, we had an open house. OH, it was so fun. We did a popcorn theme, because Lyle LOVES popcorn. Kenzie came up with a darling invitation. A popcorn container with text on it...
"Lyle’s Popp’in out the Big 5 - 0!" I invited about 25 couples to come say hello and have dessert. The house looked great decorated. I made a poster that said "Happy 50th!", with the red and white popcorn stripes and popcorn kernals here and there. Red and white crepe paper, and balloons. On the island I used a shimmery, red netted fabric gathered up all around and filled large popcorn containers with different varieties of popcorn which I placed on top of the fabric at different heights. I used silver, and red serving dishes. I served several kinds of cookies, and candy, also. It looked great. Really festive and pretty. Just before it started, I went into the kitchen and wondered how many would show up...hoping a handful at least. As it was, most did come, and it was so much fun to have them. We couldn’t believe how many people came...and stayed. We thought maybe they’d come and stay a few minutes, and leave. But, they came and stayed an hour to an hour and a half each. Everyone just enjoyed visiting with each was so fun.

I've been blogged!

I'm happy to be starting my own blog! I'm thinking it'll be a great way to keep a little journaling of my life, and the things that mean the most to me. Mostly, I'm doing this for me, Lyle, and our children. Anyone else who may be interested is welcome to look in! :)